Donald Trump turkey

The turkeys, named by the White House staff Drumstick and Wishbone, were brought to the president’s residential place from a Minnesota farm.

However, the public preferred Drumstick, as the bird who gets to “personally meet” the US president.

“Wow, great bird”, Trump said, approaching the turkey that weighed no less than 16 pounds and caressed a few times.

“Drumstick, you are pardoned,” said the American president at the ceremony also attended by wife Melania and youngest son, Barron, who is now 11-years-old but just as tall as his mother.

Before the “main character” was blessed, the US president made a brief mention about the two turkeys blessed also last year by his predecessor Barrack Obama: Tater and Tot.

“I was very busy to overthrow my predecessor’s actions. However, I have informed the pardons of Tater and Tot cannot be revoked in any way. Tater and Tot, you can stay quiet”, added PLOTUS.

After the ceremony, the presidential family left for Florida to spend Thanksgiving.

The first president to pardon these birds from becoming a Thanksgiving dinner would have been Abraham Lincoln.

According to the tradition, Lincoln’s younger son would have asked his father for one of the turkeys he had raised and loved to be pardoned.

The Turkish National Federation officially started providing turkeys to the presidential family in 1947, during the administration of Harry S. Truman. Truman did not forgive the bird for becoming a dinner.

The tradition of graced turkeys was resumed by George Bush in 1989.