Ritz Carlton prison

Arabian princes and billionaires, who were arrested earlier this month in Saudi Arabia are still prisoners in the most luxurious detention center in the world.

For three weeks straight, these oligarchs were locked in a wing of the notorious Ritz Carlton.

A BBC team has been allowed to shoot indoors and the first pictures were made public their arrest.

The famous Riyadh five-star hotel looks rather deserted with no other tourists staying in the rooms.

At this point, it is not known whether the surprise room Saudis are prisoners of a luxury prison or guests of a hotel, who paid for the “extra” privacy.

On 4th November, the hotel was transformed into a “golden cage” which currently hosts about 200 members of the Saudi elite.

According to BBC, the “golden cage” hosts at least 11 princes and two of them are the grandchildren of King Salman.

Both of them were accused of abuse of power, corruption and money laundering.

“When it comes to detention centers, it is above all: it has a luxury swimming pool, restaurants, gym. Everything shines. During the discussions we had with the officials, we were told that when people were brought here around midnight on November 4 and they were visibly upset.

Almost all of those detained here, 95%, have been told, they are willing to make a deal and return huge sums of money in order to regain their freedom”, says Lyse Doucet, a BBC correspondent.