Shakira Pique

The fact that Shakira and the Barcelona star are going through a rough time is not exactly a secret.

Even though after the press launched the rumor related to a break-up, the couple who has two sons, tried to cover up everything.

However, a few days ago the Colombian singer decided that she had enough and she broke out in front of a massive crowd.

Unfortunately, we are not talking about the crowd that usually comes to Shakira’s concerts, but to a mass of people who were grabbing lunch.

Apparently, the pair shared a super steamy confrontation in the middle of a restaurant.

The quarrel occurred in a restaurant in Barcelona, in front of their sons, Sasha and Milan.

According to witnesses, Shakira had tears in her eyes and she was angry because Pique came super late.

The singer confronted her life partner while they were eating and shouted at him a few times.

Shortly after they ordered, Shakira began crying, while the athlete obviously embarrassed, tried to calm the situation but, instead, he managed to infuriate his girlfriend even more.