Zimbabwe president

For the first time in the last 40 years, Zimbabwe will go through a power transfer from former dictator Robert Mugabe to his political rival a.k.a. the man who orchestrated the coup.

CNN writes that Emmerson Mnangagwa will be officially designated as the new interim president of Zimbabwe on Friday.

Meanwhile, after numerous pressures and death threats, Mugabe announced his resignation this week, after he removed the future president from his vice president position, in order to place his wife on his chair.

Emerson Mnangagwa, a former vice-president whose longevity, and tough attitude brought him the nickname of “The Crocodile,” is part of the former British colony.

He has dismissed without any explanation nine days ago because Mugabe was planning on designated his wife as the new vice-president.

Mnangagwa immediately fled to Mozambique, consulted his allies and the Zimbabwean army, the Johannesburg allies, and the South African government officials.

Support from the South African government was a key element without which the removal of Robert Mugabe from power would have been impossible.

On Wednesday, Mnangagwa returned to Zimbabwe, in the capital of Harare, and addressed a speech in front of the nation.

He held a conference last night at the ZANU-PF headquarters, where he promised Zimbabwe to become “a new and thriving democracy.”

Thursday, Mugabe and his wife, Grace, received immunity from the authorities and would be allowed to remain in the country.

The former dictator will not take part in his rival’s ceremony because he “needs time to rest,” says the Zimbabwe Herald.