Christmas Trump

The First Family is ready for their first Christmas at the White House

The First Lady is not messing around when it comes to holiday decorations.

According to Daily Mail, Melania Trump debated on the theme and the decorations since summer.

Finally, she chose to decorate the presidential residence in a traditional style and found inspiration in the history of the White House.

Journalists invited to admire the holiday presidential residence were greeted with a ballet show.

The event took place in a room in the East wing, full of embellished trees which give you the feeling of stepping into a charming forest.

Melania Trump also invited some children, along with whom she made the Christmas trees decorations.

For the Slovenian beauty, Christmas is an important celebration, so she first thought of decorating in early July, shortly after she settled permanently at the White House.

Finally, she opted for traditional-style ornaments and she personally chose each and every object.

150 volunteers from across the country worked nearly 1.600 hours to decorate the presidential residence.

They used over 12 thousand ornaments, adorned 53 Christmas trees and stretched nearly 600 meters of lights and 2.800 meters of silk ribbon.

The Christmas tree, nearly 6 meters high and installed in the Blue Room, was adorned with glass globes on which the statues of each American state are painted.

More than 25.000 visitors will pass the threshold of the White House for the holidays, and in the kitchen, everybody is setting out details for the many parties that will take place there.

The chefs have already cooked 31 thousand cakes for the visitors.

At the request of the first lady, they also produced a replica of the presidential residence out of glazed gingerbread, weighing nearly 160 kg.