Kim Kardashian highlighter

After two births, Kim Kardashian encountered some difficulties in regaining her self-confidence, given that she had to lose a few extra-pounds and tightened that body with months of exercising and healthy eating.

The world’s most famous blonde followed a drastic eating program and she struggled to hit the gym at least three or four times per week.

Now, the results are more visible than ever and Kim was happy to show off her new and improved silhouette.

Known for using her sex appeal and revealing outfits to promote her new campaigns or products, Kim did just that when it came to launching her new line of beauty products for KKW.

The 37-year-old gave up entirely to her clothes and completely covered her body in glitter, as a new and revolutionary method of promoting her new highlighter, known as “Ultralight Beams” and a few lip glosses.

As expected, the images became viral on social media within hours, while users have expressed mixed opinions.

While some of Kim’s followers rushed to congratulate the blonde for her envious body, others have accused Kim of showing too much and too often.

Kim’s favorite make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, confessed the KKW line will become wider because his “boss” is planning to add five more glosses and five pigments by 1st December.