Conor McGregor Ireland

Conor McGregor is not exactly the type who controls his temper whenever someone is messing around with him.

Due to his temper, he is now facing huge problems with the Irish mafia.

The fighter would have started a huge fight in a bar in Dublin with a group of men, including an Irish mafia associate.

The man beaten by the MMA champion is the friend and business partner of the Kinahan cartel leader.

Moreover, some Irish publications write that, in fact, the victim might even be the father of the cartel leader.

The Sun has published a material in which a source has declared under the protection of anonymity that the person beaten by Conor would be one of the group’s leaders and that it is known that he does not allow anyone to tarnish his reputation.

The Irish press writes that in order to be forgiven, Conor has to pay a fee of 1 million euros.

Meanwhile, the fighter left Ireland and had already been in contact with the Kinahan clan to pay up the money without facing any other problems.

One million Euros is not that much, considering that we are talking about Conor McGregor, as he has won over $ 100 million in the match with Floyd Mayweather.

However, the situation is by no means honorable.

Dana White believes McGregor is likely to no longer step into the ring, as he has raised enough money to withdraw.