India baby

A shocking case in India, where a baby was declared dead by doctors, but end up waking up shortly before his funeral terrified the entire world.

Two doctors from a private hospital situated in the capital of India declared the baby’s death a few hours after his mother gave birth.

Doctors have told parents that he did not survive after his twin brother was declared dead at birth.

Devastated by the news, the family began preparing the funeral of the little ones.

Parents said the doctors gave the bodies of the two babies wrapped up in a plastic bag.

At that moment, one of them noticed how the bag started moving.

Immediately, they went to another clinic where they have discovered their baby is still alive.

The case has sparked controversy in India, especially as people pay large sums to receive health care at private hospitals, but even so the quality of the services is doubtful.

In this context, Minister Arvind Kejriwal specified that he had requested an investigation at Max Hospital, qualifying the incident as “a shocking negligence”.

At the same time, the clinic then announced that the two doctors were fired.