Iraqi refugees

Ten Iraqi refugees, including three children under the age of 15, and an Afghan refugee were discovered in the UK in a lorry’s trailer.

The door of the trailer was locked, while the lock we’re sealed with a super strong glue.

The 11 immigrants survived marvelously and they fed the Belgian chocolate transported by the truck driver who helped them, reports The Telegraph.

The refugees discovered in the trailer were discovered by the authorities after their cries for help and the desperate screams were heard by the people sitting at a café, where the truck driver made a quick stop.

The police arrived at the scene, but the officers had to call the fire crews because the locks of the trailer were ruined by the strong glue.

After being released from the trailer, the refugees were evaluated by a team of doctors and they are now detained by the British authorities for having illegally entered the United Kingdom.

In August 2015, 71 refugees crammed into a truck found on an Austrian road suffered terrible death by suffocation.

The victims, who were locked in the refrigerated container, where found dead after several hours.