Lindsey Graham North Korea

The families of US military personnel in South Korea should return to the United States, given the unprecedented intensification of the Korean Peninsula atmosphere of war, stated the influential US Senator Lindsey Graham.

The senator, who is a member of the Army Commission, addressed this requirement in front of the Pentagon officials.

In fact, Lindsey Graham is one of the opponents of the South Korean outpost, which currently includes 28.500 US soldiers, writes The Guardian.

“It is pure madness to send wives and children to South Korea, to face the North Korean challenges,” Graham said during the “Face the Nation” show on CBS, adding these families should be subject to the principle administrative.

Previously, Lindsey Graham said the spectrum of a “preventative war” with North Korea is approaching.

South Korea and the United States kicked off the most extensive joint exercises in the world to date, Pyongyang qualifiers as a “total challenge,” intervening a few days after making a North Korean intercontinental missile shooting.

The “Vigilant Ace” exercise, which involves approximately 230 planes, including F-22 Raptor, and tens of thousands of soldiers, began Monday morning and is expected to last five days, according to South Korean Air Force.

Even if it is a regular maneuver, this year’s edition differs in size and intensity from the precedent ones, with the aim of exerting a military pressure on Pyongyang, which last week conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile shoot Hwasong-15, notes Yonhap.