Meghan Markle accessory

At the end of last week, Prince Harry and his fiancé, former actress Meghan Markle, marked their first royal duty as an engaged couple.

It was an interesting experience for the British prince, who had the opportunity of getting to know the royal sympathizers with his fiancée, but it was certainly more moving for Meghan, who faced her first royal obligation.

That’s why the former American actress turned to various tricks so that nothing would spoil her first encounter with Harry’s royal supporters.

She wore a flawless outfit that represented her perfectly, although she is totally different from her future sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge.

More specifically, for this unprecedented occasion at the Nottingham Contemporary Exhibition Center, Meghan sported a flattering blue-colored coat, signed by the Canadian brand Mackage, a long beige skirt, a simple black top and a pair of black long boots.

The former actress refused to wear gloves in order to stay warm, next to the people gathered in front of that center in Nottingham, but she still wore a “heat pack” in her pockets, a device designed to keep her hands warm.

The culmination is that, at one point, Meghan handed that “heat pack” to a royal sympathizer whose hands were frozen.

“He (Prince Harry) was about to get his hands on me, but my hands were frozen, so Meghan looked in her pockets and handed me the” heat pack “. I said << Thank you! >>. I think they are very cute, “said Emily, a Coventry University student who had the opportunity to get to know Meghan and Harry and to receive a gift from the future duchess.