Tim Wilson

An Australian MP, member of a conservative party, urged his long-time partner to tie the knot on Monday, shortly after a legislative project which consisted of legalizing same-sex marriages was accepted by the House of Representatives.

Tim Wilson is engaged to Ryan Bolger for nine long years and he barely contained his tears the moment he expressed his gratitude in front of this partner.

“In my first speech, we defined our relationship through the ring that we carry on our left hand”, stated the 37-year-old representative.

“Then there is only one thing to do: Ryan Patrick Bolger, do you want to marry me?”, added the politician, leaving everyone present in the room with their mouths wide open.

The man, obviously, said “yes”, while his colleagues and friends were applauding frenetically.

The draft law was approved without too much difficulty by the Lower House of Parliament before Christmas after it was passed last week by the Senate.

After more than ten years of debate, Australians finally expressed their tolerance when it came to the same-sex marriages.

“It is a moment that includes recognition and respect”, commented Premier Malcolm Turnbull, while the representatives began to debate the text.

Former Conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott, one of the most important voices who totally opposed with the law from the very beginning, will from now on, back the law.

“I certainly will not make myself look like a last-minute convert for gay marriage, but I promised to respect the verdict of the Australian people,” he said.