He was killed in 1996, when he was only 25-years-old, leaving millions of fans and friends grieving.

Now, a former girlfriend of the late artist has decided to take advantage of the legendary artist’s memory in order to make some money.

Apparently, the mysterious woman put the “nude” picture up to auction.

The woman reveals the rapper loved to expose his intimate parts whenever he wanted to amuse his friends and she was also the one who took the picture.

The seller, who dated Tupac for a while, wants to get no less than 7.500 dollars for the nude picture and an auction house agreed to make things easier.

They suggested the woman sell the nude through their company in case no one will be able to cover the required amount.

Moreover, she claims she has plenty of pictures with Tupac at her place, but this one is the only picture in which Tupac is exposing his intimate parts.