Alana Martina

On 12th November, the Real Madrid star became a father for the fourth time

Only this time, the one who turned him into a wealthier was his first naturally conceived child, Alana Martina and, of course, her young and beautiful mother, Spanish ballet dance Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano’s girls were officially introduced to the entire world by posing for the cover of I HOOLA! Magazine and they look happier than ever.

This year, the footballer’s family grew with three new members: twins Eva and Mateo who were brought to this world by a surrogate, early in summer, and Alana who was brought to the world by Cristiano’s girlfriend of two years, Georgina.

The happy couple announced they are expecting their first child back in June, shortly after the birth of the twins.

Since he announced that he and Georgina are expecting, Ronaldo’s Instagram account has become invaded by shots with his kids, especially his oldest, Cristiano Jr. who previously stated that he wants six siblings.

Meanwhile, the one who will probably become his stepmom in the near future, looks incredible, weeks after she gave birth to a beautiful baby.

At the age of just 23, Georgina reveals that he life became the most amazing journey since she met Cristiano and became a huge part of his life.

“We are happier than ever. I feel the luckiest woman in the world. We found love and we complete each other. I feel loved and protected”, said Georgina.