Meghan Markle bodyguard

Considering her new role at the palace, Meghan Markle will, just like any other royal, become a new and juicy target of the international press

So, Prince Harry’s future wife has decided to hire one of the best bodyguards in the world to teach her how to defend herself whenever she is not in Harry’s company.

According to TMZ, Prince Harry’s future wife hired a bodyguard, specialized in assuring the security and defending huge A-list celebrities.

However, this man is even more special, because he was Michael Jackson’s bodyguard.

Matt Fiddes flew yesterday to Los Angeles, while his new client arrived there a few days ago, so probably Meghan has already begun her self-defense classes.

Matt is now the owner of the world’s biggest and most famous martial arts franchise Matt Fiddes Martial Arts and one of his longtime clients is no other than Tom Cruise.

In addition, Matt Fiddes is close to the British monarchy, given that the late Michael Jackson was a good friend of Princess Diana, and Matt – then his bodyguard – entered the palace on numerous times.