Palestine Jerusalem

The leader of the Palestinian Authority is warning the entire nation of the destructive effects of the United States’ decision to recognize Jerusalem as the new capital of the Israel.

Mahmoud Abbas believes that even transferring the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will not have pleasant consequences either.

In addition, the official’s spokesman claims America’s political strategy will, pretty much, “destroy the peace process”, which will eventually become catastrophic for the entire world.

“America’s recognition of Jerusalem as the new capital of Israel and the transfer of the US embassy imply the same amount of danger when it comes to the peace process and it will also push the region towards instability”, added Nail Abu Rudeina.

The presidency of the Palestinian Authority expressed itself in the context in which US president Donald Trump must decide in a short notice whether the Us government is ready to move the country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Palestine considers East Jerusalem, which Israel occupied and annexed as the capital of the state they aspire to become, by opposing to take into consideration any document which clearly demonstrates Israel occupied this part of the Holy City in an abusive way.

Without any explicit mention or hint to the American president or the United States, Nabil Abu Rudeina had earlier stated that any fair solution in the Middle East passes through the recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

“Any solution or project that can save the region from destruction begins and ends in East Jerusalem”, revealed the president in the press communique released to Wafa.

However, the UN does not recognize the annexation of East Jerusalem, while foreign embassies are being established in Jerusalem as we speak.

A law adopted by the American Congress in 1995 says that Washington’s diplomatic headquarters should in Israel be in Jerusalem.

However, for two decades straight, a derogatory clause signed by the last sixth US presidents allows the US executive to block its application.

Donald Trump has to decide very quickly if he resorts to this clause again, as he did for the first time in June.

The controversial decision is highly awaited, mostly because the status of Jerusalem represents one of the trickiest topics inside the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.