Rihanna ring

Rihanna is still dating the Saudi billionaire/prince, Hassan Jameel, after they were photographed for the first time in Spain, in the middle of a romantic getaway.

Since then, the couple was spotted one or two times, while they were rushing to their vehicles, hiding from the paparazzi.

We all know that RiRi is not exactly a common girl, with common tastes or a common attitude.

She refuses to receive sh*t and, every single time, the press is trying to get answers in the shadiest way, she shuts them down by offering the most unexpected line.

However, after the very public breakups from Chris Brown and Drake, apparently, our girl found her happily ever after with no other than Jameel.

The other days, Rihanna was spotted wearing a diamond ring, a sign that the relationship is going super well and they’ve already passed to the next level.

Engagement rumors?

The 29-year-old appeared with a huge rock on her finger, which looked like an engagement ring on Wednesday night.

Even though RiRi was wearing the most awkward and extravagant outfit, the reporters were too distracted by the huge piece of jewelry.

The last time the couple was seen together was, reportedly, on Halloween, in Boston.