Bella Thorne molested

 Bella’s “new attitude” raised so many questions during the last six months

The heavy partying, the nasty tattoos, piercings, sexual scandals and the controversial relationship with Scott Disick are not exactly matching with the Disney princess reputation.

Bella’s last outrageous move was to post this picture on Twitter, in which the actress appears without a bra, sporting a purple suit with her jacket unbuttoned, a gesture which made her followers question how far is she actually planning to go.

Bella Thorne molested

One of them, however, took the courage to ask what’s going on with her.

“What Disney did to this girl? I think she was molested”, wrote the user in his comment.

The funny part is the fact that the actress replied, turning her answer into an actual public statement:

“Yes, I was molested and Disney is not to blame. The world can sometimes be sick”, wrote Bella Thorne a few days ago.

However, Bella failed to provide extra details related to the alleged abuser.