Gucci handcuffs

The “accessory” was signed by Tom Ford in 1998 and symbolized the provocative vision he had for Gucci at that time.

According to some information from the press, the handcuffs were actually part of an unusual fashion collection which made a slight reference to Patricia Gucci’s legal problems, the woman who was sentenced to jail for orchestrating the death of Maurizio Gucci.

The “accessory” is currently displayed in the windows of the Gucci store from Florence, exactly during the day Patrizia was sentenced, The Independent describing the gesture as a “clear sign that in the fashion world there is no place for family stories”.

However, the unusual piece is not exactly unique.

In 2009, another pair of Gucci handcuffs was sold during an auction organized by the Christie’s for $1.917, while the other one is exposed at the Official Gucci Museum in Florence.

According to the Italian press, the other pair of handcuffs is made out of silver and it’s being sold in the original bag on Grailed, for $65.000.