Kim Jong-un mountain

Throughout history, kings and worlds leaders were often associated with gods or “superhuman” beings and North Korea’s Supreme Leader makes no further exception from the rule.

According to some of North Korea’s popular myths, one time when Kim Jong-un climbed Mount Paektu to celebrate the last intercontinental ballistic success, the blizzard suddenly stopped, “bringing” with the leader’s arrival the most unusual sunny weather, wrote the North Korean paper, Rodong Sinmun.

“Mount Paektu has revealed beautiful landscapes with magical peaks and a dazzling sun. Our brilliant commander has the power or controlling the weather”, declared some officials from Pyongyang.

The newspaper Rodong Sinmun also made a quick mention of a “magical” experience related to Kim Jong-un.

“While exploring the beautiful landscape of Janggun Peak, the respected Supreme Leader looked at the dizzying hills and the beautiful forest, reminding himself of the days of emotion in which he accomplished the great historical cause of completing the nuclear power of the state”, the Peninsula-based paper.

From the same “propaganda series” meant to make Kim Jong-un look like a god in the eyes of his people, in the same day Kim Jong-un was born, the sky was covered by a “double rainbow.

Earlier in December, Rodong Sinmun published a series of photos on the front page with Kim II-Sung in Pyongyang with soldiers and citizens applauding frantically.