Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn

The stars have finally aligned for Taylor Swift, who made her first public with new boyfriend Joe Alwyn the other days.

Taylor and the British actor made their first appearance as a couple, holding hands in front of the photographers who managed to capture the first pictures of the mysterious couple.

Later during the concert, after Taylor Swift performed on stage, the fans capture the couple kissing and dancing on Ed Sheeran’s music.

It is rumored that the relationship of the two began in May, and it is believed that some of Swift’s songs on the album “Reputation” were written for the British actor, including the hits “Gorgeous” and “King of my heart”.

Swift and Alwyn have been discreet since the beginning of their relationship, they have not really come to light, the only evidence that the two are together being some pictures took by fans with the two going out to the café and fitness several times.

In any case, the “Reputation” tournament is about to start and we hope that the awards that will follow will be a perfect pretext for the two to appear on the red carpet.