George Clooney Rande

The word “generous” is not enough to describe this person’s gesture

George Clooney knows exactly how to reward his real friends, the persons who stood by him since the very beginning, way before he knew fame and his bank accounts were, literally, empty.

According to a member of that restrained circle of friends, one time, George wanted to reward his pals by offering to each one of them one million dollars.

The VERY kind gesture was made in 2013, just one year before George Clooney meets and marries lawyer Amal Alamuddin.

According to Rande Gerber, one of the actor’s closest friends and business partner, George Clooney organized this mysterious get-together, expecting his friend to a round table with 14 black cases, filled with one million dollars each.

“There is a group that we call the boys. One day, George called me and the boys and said: <<Save this date in the calendar, September 27, 2013, so do not forget to come to dinner at my home>>. When we sat at the table, there were these luxurious, black suitcases placed on the table. George started to reveal how much we mean to him and how lucky he actually is for having us. <<So, it’s very important for me, as long as I am among you, to reward you. So, I want you to open your suitcases now”, recalled Rande Gerber, the husband of Cindy Crawford, who is one of Clooney’s closest friends.

“Each one of us – 14 – has received a million dollars. Each one of us. We were all in shock”, revealed Gerber.

Rande also mentioned that indeed, in their group of friends, there are also people who do not care about fame and live from one salary to another.

“One of them works at a bar in Texas, struggling to make and provide for his family. He rides a bicycle every day”, revealed Rande.