Kate Middleton Meghan

The 35-year-old aristocrat assumed the role of protector and she is determined to take her future sister-in-law under her wing.

According to some sources from the Kensington Palace, Kate Middleton jumped to defend Meghan Markle, after she heard some rumors related to Prince Harry’s future wife.

“Leave Meghan alone”, allegedly said the Duchess of Cambridge, who made a not-so-pleasant revelation about Harry’s fiancée, Meghan Markle.

Ninaky Priddy and Meghan were colleagues at a Los Angeles school and she apparently stated for a British publication that Meghan is a “cold and calculated” person, according to New Idea.

Disturbed by those statements, which are out of place, Kate adopted measures immediately, as soon as Harry and her new protégé announced their engagement.

“Kate gas gone through this and knows how though it can be at the beginning. Such cruelty thrown upon you when you’re in the early days can be devastating”, revealed the source.

“Catherine suffered very much after being criticized for being a common person and being named <<ordinary Kate>> and the fact that Meghan is an actress and divorcee were not exactly a plus”, added a source close to the couple.

Kate also took care of Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of Prince Charles, who seems to dislike Meghan and talk badly, saying:

“St. George from Windsor Castle is too prestigious for a divorced American”, would’ve said Camilla.