Republican Alabama

Donald Trump’s Republicans lost the Alabama state after 25 years of supremacy, Democrat candidate Doug Jones winning the Senate on Tuesday, writes BBC News.

Doug Jones became the first 25-year-old Democrat to win a seat in the US Senate for Alabama after a tough campaign against Republican Roy Moore.

His unexpected victory harshly hit the president’s party, who backed Moore, narrowing the Republican majority in the Senate to 51-49.

Although all the votes were counted and Jones’ victory was clear, Moore refused to acknowledge his defeat and told his supporters the fight is not over yet.

Jones won 49.9% of the votes, while Moore gained 48.4%.

Usually, according to the US law, votes are only renowned if the difference between the two candidates is less than 0.5% which is not the case.

Moore, a former judge who worked in the justice department for 70 years, told his supporters that “I was presented in an unfavorable light. You realize that when the final result is so tight it is not over yet”.

Although Moore did not recognize his defeat, President Trump congratulated Doug Jones on Twitter, shortly after the US press declared him the winner.