Eugenie Bouchard fan

The beautiful romance between tennis player Eugenie Bouchard and the fan who won a date after he won a bet with her continues.

After that first night out in the city, when the athlete was all smiles, the new pair decided to go on a second date and we have the images to prove it.

The cheeky tennis player and her new conquest were spotted at the beach, looking “suspiciously” cozy for two persons who are at their second date.

The lucky one is 20-year-old John Goehrke and he won the bet in February 2017.

Back then, the tennis player was 100% sure that the Atlanta Falcons cannot longer lose the Super Bowl, considering her favorite team had a 25-point advantage in the third quarter, so it made sense to make the bet with John on social media.

The stake: a one-on-one meeting if John’s favorite team, the New England Patriots, will score the impossible.

So, on February 15, Eugenie and John went on their first date and they, obviously, went to a game.

“We preferred to go to a game, rather than having a dinner, considering that we did not know each other”, revealed Eugenie.

These two are still going strong considering that TMZ spotted them at the beach, 10 months after they made the bet.