Kim Jong-un general

Hwang Pyong-so, one of the most influential leaders of the North Korean leader, has completely disappeared from the scene, raising suspicions related to a possible assassination.

Until recently, General Hwang was part of the Supreme Leader’s inner circle and occupied the highest military position in the North Korean People’s Army.

However, in September, the North Korean authorities carried out a surprise inspection amid suspicions of an “inappropriate” attitude among the leaders of the People’s Army General Political Bureau.

The South Korean espionage service reported in a report in the Seoul Parliament that this was the first two-decade inspection at the General Office.

The publication refers to the “disastrous fall path” that Kim Jong-un’s uncle and mentor Jang Song-thaek had before being assassinated in 2013.

After being expelled from the party, Jang arrived in front of a military tribunal that found him guilty of illegal acts aimed at undermining party, state, and socialist leadership.

The last public appearance of General Hwang Pyong-so took place on October 13th.