Meghan Markle Victoria Beckham

Now, that she is all moved to London and her closest friends are either in Toronto or Los Angeles, Meghan Markle is kind of a loner.

Or not, according to a source close to the actress, who is actually very close to none other than Victoria Beckham.

Although her agenda is full until May, among those hundreds of official duties and wedding preps, Meghan Markle misses to catch up with someone that she feels close to.

… And that’s exactly what determined Meghan Markle to become a close pal with Victoria Beckham, with whom she shares a passion for beauty and fashion.

Moreover, these gals are so tight they even text every single day since Meghan made the move to London.

“Meghan is very excited about Victoria’s passion for beauty and she is thankful for introducing her to friends in London. They have become very close and they constantly messaging each other. Meghan trusts and appreciates her advice. Moreover, Meghan plans on booking Victoria’s hairstylist for Christmas”, revealed a source close to the new BFF’s.

Previously, Meghan would have contacted a beauty specialist, recommended by Victoria in order to get a 600-pounds facial treatment, because she was on the waiting list for six months.

However, with Victoria’s intervention, the appointment was booked a few days later.