The Russian intelligence services are preparing for a possible terrorist attack at the next World Cup edition, fearing that both ISIS and Al-Qaeda are planning on sending “sabotage groups”, revealed a former KGB agent in an interview for Daily Mail.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) added they are already facing with attacks on the Confederations Cup this summer, but these were just a “taste” of what might happen next summer.

Among the anti-terrorism measures personally approved by President Vladimir Putin include the restriction of weapon sale, explosives and poison and banning the access of drones near the stadiums and the pre-registration of the identity of all ticket holders.

Hooliganism is also seen as a major problem, as the intelligence agency reveals an unprecedented security crisis while they are also trying to ensure a smooth tournament.

A former KGB agent said after an in-depth analysis, the Russians learned an important lesson from those street marches organized in Marseilles in 2016 when hundreds of British and Russian supporters generated a terrible massacre.

English fans are informed by the FSB that they are “welcomed” in Russia, under the condition, that hooliganism will not be tolerated and a series of strict punishments, including expulsion and sentences of up to seven years in a Siberian prison.

“The terrorist threat is considered to be the main one”, revealed a FSB source.

Major sporting competitions such as the World Cup are now “the primary targets of all international terrorist and extremist organizations, rebel groups and their accomplices.”