bridge Mexico

Six bodies hanged from a bridge were discovered on Wednesday, in Baja California Sur, the same place where the organized crime engulfed the entire northwestern Mexican touristic region.

The bodies were discovered on the road that leads to three international airports, La Paz, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

The authorities have initiated a procedure meant to “carry out the necessary expertise”, the local prosecutor mentioned in a statement.

“Two people were hanged from that bridge”, revealed a security agent.

The police asked for help from the fire brigade to lift the bodies, the victims were not yet identified.

A threatening message, which would have been written by the members of various drug cartels, was found at the scene.

Baja California Sur, a multi-stop area, has been experiencing a recrudescence of organized crime for several months.

According to official figures, 409 people were assassinated in this Mexican state between January and October, double compared to 2016. This year’s balance sheet is the worst from the past two decades.

Experts believe that criminal organizations, such as the powerful Sinaloa or Jalisco New Generation cartel, are disputing for the drug market for tourists, but also for innovative ways to bring drugs to the United States.

0.More than 196.000 people have been assassinated in Mexico since the end of 2006, when the government deployed the army to dismantle drug cartels.