On Tuesday, Michael Douglas’ oldest son has officially announced the birth of his first child.

Cameron and his life partner, Viviane Thibes, welcomed a beautiful and healthy girl, whose name was not yet disclosed.

Cameron turned Michael Douglas into a grandfather for the first time

The excitement is even greater, considering that “grandpa” Michael expressed his love and happiness on social media, the same place where he revealed for the first time the name of his niece, Lua.

“We are excited about the arrival of little Lua in the world”, added the actor and his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Cameron is Michael Douglas’ first child, from his previous marriage to Diandra Luker.

With his second wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas has two children: 17-year-old Dylan and 14-year-old Carys.

“Dylan and Carys love the fact that they became aunt and uncle and we are so happy to become Grandmother Bubba and Zeze”, revealed the Hollywood icon for People.

Currently, the four family members enjoy a holiday in India.