Romanian hackers

Two Romanian hackers broke almost the entire surveillance system in Washington DC and then they attempted to blackmail the American authorities, reports CNN, quoting a series of official documented emitted by the federal court.

The US government has filed a complaint accusing the two hackers who operate outside the US, they have infiltrated in the surveillance system installed in Washington, meaning 123 units out of 187 in the city.

Mihai Alexandru Isvanca and Eveline Cismaru are now accused of having used the cameras connected in order to install a series of ransomware viruses.

Information that has just recently been made publicly available to the press related to events that would have taken place over a four-day period in January 2017.

They are now accused of using the malware system to block several computers and blackmail after they asked for money or other valuable items.

They were found via the email address from which they were sending the spams.