The White House officially accuses North Korea of ​​being the mastermind behind the WannaCry cyber-attack, Donald Trump’s internal security adviser Tom Bossert said in a New York Times editorial.

“After a careful investigation, the US publicly assigns the massive WannaCry cyber-attack to North Korea”, Trump’s adviser announced.

“The attack was widespread and cost billions of dollars, and North Korea is directly responsible”, continued Bossert.

The United States claims to have evidence of this and Britain and Microsoft have come to similar conclusions in their analysis of the attack which affected computers around the world in May, he wrote.

The US State Administration is urging the private sector to do more to prevent such incidents, Bossert said, adding that and others have Microsoft taken action last week to halt North Korea’s hacking efforts.

Bossert also warned of the threat of Russian hackers and appealed for legal action against suspected hackers, as well as Trump’s decision to ban software from Kaspersky Lab from Russia to government computers.

Bossert also highlighted the recent US government accusations of Chinese hackers who have specialized in identity theft and trade secrets, as well as against Iranians.

British security services have announced since June that behind the huge cyber-attack launched against the British National Health System (NHS) are hackers from North Korea.