EMT patients

An EMT in Sicily was arrested because he was killing his patients in order to receive money from a mafia-controlled funeral home.

This extremely dangerous crime organization was unmasked by a former mobster, who agreed to cooperate with the authorities and to disclose valuable information.

According to the police, the 42-year-old was responsible for transporting patients in a terminal stage, discharged from the hospital because there was nothing more to do for them.

While the EMT was on the road, before they were arriving home, he was injecting air into the patient’s veins which killed them within minutes.

Then the EMT’s next task was to recommend to the grieving families the mobster’s funeral home.

For each “client”, the EMT received 300 euros.

Until now, the investigators have confirmed three cases of the Italian killing three patients for money, but 12 others are being investigated by the police.