The number of people who are using and following different emerging media has increased.  Everyone is living a life which one could only dream out by using TV, radio and other web applications.  This dream has now become true by aiding the people to watch, listen and do whatever they want at just one click.  Every media application or device is using the same strategies and techniques to be at the top of people’s searches which include:

  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Marketing via e-mail.
  4. Best Press Release Distribution Service and Syndication
  5. Banner ads, which are targeted upon psychological insight of population.
  6. Personal URLs.

But the one thing of which the owners have not yet benefitted themselves is press release.

Social Media vs Press Release

Many people are considering press release distribution as an effective marketing strategy as it uses targeted marketing approach.  But the question here arises that if you chose targeted marketing then why there is a need to send the same information to dozens of people.  This creates an image in the minds of people that is some sort of spam.  All is possible either due to inability of professionals or they do not want to implement a better strategy.

They must understand this fact that they should focus on quality rather than quantity.

Steps to Break Press Release Addiction

  1. Recognition of Problem

Whenever you want to recover yourself from something, the first step to this process is always admission. Regarding press release, you should understand this fact that it does not work, and it is also not cost-effective.  Therefore, in order to get benefit you must change your strategy.

  • Change of Timelines

Press release has one historical advantage i.e. it assists in building list of target population and in turn helps to send them the target ad or message instantly, but it sometimes involves the outdated data and mostly people do not even bother to read what’s inside that e-mail.  To avoid this for granted behavior on the end of people you must not send e-mail to them so frequently.

  • Maintain Relationship First

You must know first that to whom you are sending that e-mail and for this purpose you should initiate a conversation which portrays that you understand and care about the concerned writer.  But do not start conversations on daily basis.  If you think that the journalist is interested, approach him individually.

  • Incorporate multi-media strategies 

Narrative writing strategies were common back them but now articles and contents are getting shorter and involves only related content usually depicted through photos and videos.  Even though, now if an article does not contain a video then your article would be underrated.  This incorporation of photos and videos in your writing is called multi-media strategy.

  • Smartness in Searching

When you are done with your article or content and after that if it would get succeeded in such a way that it would reach the bloggers or journalist then it will be picked up by search engines.

This process is just like being encountered by a security camera in a shopping store.  If people come to know that they are being recorded, then they would not pick or steal anything.  Google is the same security camera.  It records which words optimize your search, so it provides you with the complete set of optimized key words search engine.  After learning this SEO strategy, you can even provide consultancy to people about search engine optimization.

  • Track your Success

          After your content has crossed all the levels i.e. published, got reach of journalist/bloggers, done with SEO, now it is time to measure success by using a tracking URL and check that how many of times your blog has been clicked by people.  You can use Google Alerts or other social media monitor to check all primary, secondary and tertiary blog reach by people.  With the implication of few more techniques you can even check out the complete impact of “PR without a press release” initiative.