The famous and happening Coachella event has experienced a fire break in the early hours of the festivity and footage of it has also been posted which showcases the blaze.

The videos of fire breakdown at Coachella are now viral with all the attendees posting videos about this incident. The happening took place in the early hours of the festival on Saturday and within an hour, the news and videos was doing rounds on social media and television screens.

Coachella is one of the biggest events of all times and every year, people from around the world visit this massive festival to have the best times of their lives. The festivity started on Friday with an incredible performance of Donald Glover’s alter ego and more than ten thousands of people were a part of the event at the opening. Coachella is indisputably, one of the largest and most loved and appreciated music festival around the world.

However, the panic caused by the fire, on Saturday was massive as a man urges people to back up as the fire blazed behind him. Shortly after the fire broke down, the firefighters addressed the issue and tackled the fire. A person who shared footage said that the explosion was around 60ft away from their tent and they were so scared that they had to run away from the tent.

There is no doubt that this led many people to be frightened, making their experience extremely unpleasant, especially at 2 am at night. According to the reports, the fire was contained within half an hour of the arrival of the firefighters and the issue was taken control of.

Coachella takes place in the southern California, in a dessert valley, every year.