Google Trend services are now expanding their focus so that they can track data widely and more competently. Google has announced that they are now going to include data from images, YouTube, shopping and Google News too. This will make Google go beyond the web search only and will emphasis on videos, images and a combined, more comprehensive search result. We have already been experiencing a visual content in search results but the facts will go just beyond images and videos and will bring you a much more inclusive outcome.

Google announces that the combination of data from different platforms will make it possible for searches to explore the results in a different manner that hasn’t been discovered ever before. For instance, if you type in “Kylie Jenner” in the search bar, you won’t only get keyword suggestions to know what people are searching for relating to Kylie. You will also get the YouTube videos that people are searching for and are trending in name of Kylie Jenner. This will allow you to stay updated in a much more expansive manner as you will get to know what people want to know more about. This is specifically a huge perk for researchers and journalists.

The expansion of Google Trends services data collecting sources is incredible as it provides the searcher with a lot of new angles. Journalists use the Google Trends services the most as it allows them to gather data in an efficient manner and report on some of the most happening events around the world too.

The filtering options are now live on Google Trends Services and you can now avail them to get the most comprehensive search results that you have ever gotten your hands on! Try it out to see what the world wants to grab information about.