The 29 year old singer has certainly stirred huge attention towards her as she took social media to get the audience excited about 26th of April. She posted an image of a pastel sky on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, captioning them “4.26.”

Is there a new release on the way ?

Taylor Swift is also promoting a link which directs you to her official website where there is a proper countdown for26th April. Also, she has posted the image exactly 13 days before the 26th April and if you are a diehard fan of this lady, you would know that 13 is her lucky number. Well guys, isn’t that a huge sign that there is something HUGE coming up?

Taylor has also written an article for the April issue of Elle’s for “30 things I learned before turning 30”. In this essay she has mentioned that she loves doing countdowns for things that she is excited about. She has also penned down how countdown apps have helped her in her dark times as they allowed her to look forward to even small things in her life. Thus, we at least know that Taylor Swift is excited about something. Also, we have not heard anything new from her side since a long time. We also know that since some months, Taylor Swift has been busy filming the Cats music video. Thus, there is definitely some new music around the corner.

It has been a long time sinceTylorreleased something new and her fans are certainly looking forward to the 26th of April. Well, to find out, we all have to wait till the 26th April and see what Taylor Swift has to share with all her fans. Who else can simply not wait for it?!