Fadetheblackk the brand hosted its first talent show at the Bronx Museum October 2015, featuring Bronx native b*star & James X Scott. Since Antonio Rosario has held over 500 talent showcases.
The idea of the event was put on to spread a positive message as well bring the community together for a positive gathering centered around the artist in the neighborhood.

Antonio Rosario, who is from the Bronx, has a long history in the hip hop world, but has been establishing himself as an artist he recently teamed up with Warner Music Group indie platform Level.
“I grew up with most of the guys in the area and some I even consider my little brothers, I am very appreciative of my upbringing, and I’m always trying to better my community.” Fadetheblackk said.

In May 21, 2017 Antonio Rosario experienced a tragic event being hit by a vehicle, which made him put music to the side, He is still in recovery mode but has continued to make his presence known in the hip hop community.
“I was extremely sad when the unfortunate accident occurred, but for everyone in the community it hit home I couldn’t work with anyone for an extended period of time until now” Fadetheblackk said.
It’s so easy to get distracted, and take life for granted we are all on “Father’s clock” meaning no one knows when your time is up on this earth. So you have to make your impact while you can” said Fadetheblackk

Fadetheblackk is set to release some new music in 2019, and has collaborated with some of today’s raising stars, definitely stay tune.