A Huge crowd protested in front of Sudan’s defense ministry asking the military to hand over power to the civilians. These protests started after the military took over and had overthrown Omar al-Bashir last week.

The street protest started against the ex-president 5 months ago, so as an outcome the military ousted him. Bashir has many criminal and corruption charges and is also wanted by the International Criminal Court. Bashir’s brother was also taken into custody for investigation purposes about corruption charges.

Thousands of people gathered in the capital of Sudan to protest against the military rule and in favor of the civilian rule. These riots started due to worsening of the condition of the economy and a sit-in began on 6 April to force the military council to bring back the civilian rule.

Al-Bashir was moved to a high-security prison named as kobar prison after being ruled out of 30-year-old rulership. Al-Bashir took part in many crimes related to war and mass murder of people in the region of Darfur and for that reason; he was taken into custody by the military force. The military has refused to hand over al-Bashir to the international criminal court and instead they are planning to put him on trial in their own courts at home so that he would face justice.

In the midst of all of this, a hundred other protestors joined a rally, which was originated by doctors and other healthcare professionals. Their days-long sit-in became the center of everyone’s attention and that started a mutiny. A number of protestors wearing white coats were shouting while they were waving the Sudanese flag. Their only demand like all others was to avail freedom, peace, justice, and the mutiny was the people’s choice.

Similarly, a number of reporters also held a separate protest in Khartoum and they were demanding that freedom must be provided to the press. Women were also a part of the rallies and they were demanding for their rights. A young girl told the press that they demand the government to appoint a female representative in the civilian council.