We all know how mean and blunt Kangana can be sometimes and maybe that is her style. She has always seen flaming up the fire or adding fuel to it somehow. Some days earlier, Kangana and her sister Rangoli, mentioned Alia Bhatt and her parents in comments which could have easily led to a social outrage; but it did not.

The 26 year old Alia Bhatt, took a stand on those comment by remaining peaceful and avoiding them. She completely ignored the feeling of retaliating to the negativity. A PTI reporter recently questioned Alia Bhatt about how she has been handling the comments that Rangoli and Kangana made about her family and she handled the situation very maturely, by saying:

“My family is ten times more mature and stronger than me. I really don’t wish to get into this. I want to stay happy, be positive and work hard to become a better version of myself every single day.”

Alia also said that her “no retaliation reaction” was a reaction in itself as she took a stand for herself and fulfilled her resolution to not flow with the negativity. Now isn’t Alia getting mature guys? She is definitely handing the social attention in the right way. Although Kangana’s sister, Rangoli did get rude by calling Alia’s parents non-Indians as they possess British ownership. But we are pretty impressed at how smoothly Alia handled the situation.

Also, this is not the first time that Kangana has said something like this to Alia. She recently tagged her acting skills in Gully Boy as mediocre. To this Alia said that Kangana praised her skills in Raazi and maybe this role didn’t attract her much and that is okay with her.

Alia Bhatt is now starring with Varun Dhavan in Kalank and it has hit the cinemas. If you are an Alia fan then you certainly need to get your tickets now.