The horrendous attacks in Sri Lanka have the hearts of millions crying out. According to the media, 300 people have been killed in the attacks. Furthermore, the investigation that has been done till yet, showcases that the attacks are an act of retaliation for the attacks that were done on Muslims in Christchurch. On March 15th, fifty people lost their lives to the shooting done in the mosques of New Zealand of Christchurch and the preliminary investigations held; show that the attacks on the mosque flared this situation. Where no one mentions the attacks that were done on Christchurch, the investigations have unveiled the matter.

Sri Lanka is highly heart wrenched and a massive funeral ceremony was held for the people who were killed in these attacks. On Tuesday morning, the entire Sri Lanka fell silent for three minutes to mourn the deep loss of 300 people. The flags on the government buildings were lowered and the citizens bowed their heads to portray grief and sorrow. Sri Lanka showcased a different and yet very peaceful manner of mourning instead of acting violent or loud.

The three minute silence began at 8.30 am because this was exactly the time when the first six bombs were unleashed on Sunday morning. The bloodshed was massive as churches and hotels were filled with people, celebrating Easter. Sadly, once the silence mourning was over, an announcement of the death toll being raised to 310 sank people’s heart more.

According to the police, 40 suspects are under arrest, that are alleged to be a part of the attacks. The worst fact that came up was that Christians are a minority in Sri Lanka as they hardly make up 7% of the entire 21 million populations.

Investigators are on the hunt for further clues because such a mass scale attack cannot have happened without an international helping hand.