Preparing to marry your soul mate takes a lot of planning and a lot of moments to document. All brides take careful time to plan their wedding day looks, but another special outfit you want to plan is the one you will wear in your engagement photo shoot. Planning an outfit for your engagement photo shoot might seem simple at first, but there are many factors you need to consider. Remember, these photos are just as important as the photos from your wedding day. They are often the photos used in save-the-dates and might even feature in the decor of your wedding. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you plan your engagement photo shoot outfits:

  1. Staying True To Your Style – While you want to bring your A-game to your engagement photo shoot, you also want to look like yourself. You should wear clothes that reflective your everyday style. If you are usually not rocking a massive ball gown, now might not be the moment to venture into high couture. You want your engagement photos to really reflect how you and your fiance are as a couple. You should stay true to your everyday style but just an elevated version.

  2. Coordinate Don’t Match – While you want to stick to the same color motif or if you are aiming for a specific style for your photo shoot, you also want to make sure the two of you are coordinating your outfits, not matching. Instead of choosing identical pieces, agree on one color scheme and plan your outfits around this color scheme. Matching outfits can often read as cheesy in engagement photos and takes away from the elegance of the photos.

  3. Add Subtle Accessories – Keeping things simple and subtle is best for this important photo session. You want to make sure that you and your fiance are where people’s eyes focus on. Keep your accessories subtle and minimal. Keep clear from costume or fashion jewelry which tend to be more statement pieces. Most importantly, make sure your accessories do not overshadow your beautiful engagement ring, which should definitely shine in your photos.

  1. Wear Solid Colors or Simple Patterns – Solid colors or simple patterns make for the best options when choosing what to wear at engagement photo shoot. Stay away from logos or giant graphics. Keeping to only solid colors and simple patterns will help keep your photos timeless.

  2. Choose Classic Looks over Trends – Choosing classic looks over trendy looks will save your photos from looking dated. Trends in fashion come and go, but classic, simple looks remain stylish and timeless. These photos will be seen not just by people going to your wedding, but for generations to come. Trendy pieces will often look awkward or out of place in engagement photos because these photos are meant to focus on the couple not the fashion. You want to look your best, but you also want the photos to focus on you and your significant other.

  3. Plan For An Outfit Change – You may want to think about packing an extra outfit just in case you want to have some variety in your photos. However, packing just one extra outfit is probably more than enough. Many couples might be tempted to have several outfit changes. Remember, this photoshoot is about the two of you, not what you are wearing. Changing your outfit several times also takes time and most photographers are paid by the hour. You want to make the most out of your session and not spend most of that time fiddling with outfit after outfit.

  4. Try A Styling Service – If you are not the styling type, do not fret! There are professional styling services you can use for the day of your shoot. Try out a styling service or subscription box for clothing. They often ask you about your style concerns and send you several clothing options that you can decide on. Using a styling service is a great way to still get clothing that fits your style but also you might get clothing that you might have never thought to try out.

Overall, you want to make sure your engagement photos are a good reflection of the two of you as a couple. These are the photos you are likely to include not just in your save-the-dates but also to share on social media. You want to make sure you and your fiance look your best and make these a lasting memory of your special day.