The Poway Synagogue Shooting

In the wake of recent shootings, the attack on the Poway synagogue has left everyone speechless. As Sri Lanka saw the violent crime’s toll on human life, this recent shooting is no less alarming. Officers who interrogated the scene believe that this was also a hate crime against people who were peacefully following their religion. The attacker made it clear that he was doing this due to his anti-Semitic views. Before opening fire with the A.R. 15-style, he shouted the anti-Semitic slurs so that his actions would be made clear. Many people were wounded during the shooting including the rabbi whose hand was injured.

It has also been reported that a 60-year old woman lost her life because of the shooting. This was not a simple day for anyone who was in the synagogue. The people were there because of the Sabbath and Passover which is, in Jew practice, celebrated as the day of freedom. The Jews have a long history of suffering at the hands of extremist views from outer forces who do not accept their religion perspective. This recent attack has been alarming and politicians are now worried about the future.

We can trace the chain of violence to the New Zealand attack on mosque followed by attacks on churches in Sri Lanka and finally the mass shooting in the synagogue. Right after opening fire, the gunman fled the scene and officials believe that it might be due to technical problems in his gun. While there were almost 60 people present in the synagogue there was no guard outside. On the other hand, the gunman ended up surrendering to the police officers who traced other information about him including documents which feature anti-Semitic slurs as well as conspiracy theories which are all found on an online message board called 8chan.