The Soaring Debts in US

The Mueller report was successful in creating a wave of hype in the world of U.S politics. Each side was trying to fit the narrative to their cause. However, while that was an important stage regarding the Trump presidency, there is another report which barely raised an alarm. According to the Treasury Department, the U.S government has posted budget deficit of up to 234 billion which is only for the month of February. Keeping in mind the past reports, this number is highly alarming and more people should be worried about the way things are being handled before U.S is too far deep into a financial crisis that might get difficult to come back from.

Similarly, the Pew Research Center also released a report saying that the citizens are worried and this time they might be right. The report states that 88% of the people in the U.S believe politicians cannot recover the country from where it is headed due to their incapacity to deal with things. Whereas, 73% of the people have been reported to believe that the poverty gap will still grow larger in the coming years and they have no hopes from the people who are in power. All of these new statistics were completely ignored by the media as well as politicians which is another indicator about which issues are of significance.

It is important to keep in mind that it is with Trump’s administration that we are facing worst of financial crisis. Our national debt has surpassed the $22 trillion line which should make the citizens demand for better information and tackling of national funds. We can also see that president Donald Trump does not believe that paying off debts should be a priority. If things are not handled in near future, we can expect worse to come.