Php is most popular programming language for web development. According to research around

70% of websites are using php as backend technology. It is already very famous among web developers and most webmasters prefer a php developer to craft their Web application. Different web applications like WordPress, Magento , Vbulletin and XenForo etc are written in Php. We personally own a big board that was ported over to XenForo from vbulletin. We had to  suffer a lot at the hands of incompetent XenForo developers. There are so many php programmers out there but when we talk about xenforo we can find only a few. For most of them the hourly rate is ridiculously high around 60usd per hour. The sole purpose of this post is to help you find a good  xenforo developer.

Why XenForo is preferred?

XenForo is a paid software and has been first priority of the forum owners right after its launch in 2011. Before that Vbulletin was at the top of list. Vbulletin was no doubt an amazing software, but it had some issues that company was never interested in fixing. Xf was developed by former vbulletin lead developers, and they were well aware of the solution that community software’s need. It was a perfect product and many forums switched over to Xf using its default importers. The importers were an amazing part of this software that could be used to import each and everything from other forum software’s like V bulletin,Phpbb, Smf etc.  It also has an amazing addon system that could be used to extend the default functionality to whatever you like. Many forums have utilized that to craft some great layouts and applications. Many forums are still finding some good xenforo developers turn their ideas into reality. But they are having hard times finding a dedicated xenforo developer to work on their forum at a reasonable rate.

Why there are only a few XenForo developers?

Php programmers are getting good salaries and seldom they think about opting freelancing as a full time job Exerienced freelance php programmers are already settled on famous php frameworks like Laravel,  CodeIgniter and Yii etc. They do not like to completely switch their development stack. Then come the companies, luckily we have some good xenforo development companies that are already creating addons for selling with yearly license. Those addons provide common solutions and solve known problems. Average cost of such addon is around 40USD and are available in official xenforo resources. But the main problem is modifying them for your own need, Most of them are not willing to modify those products for individual customers, and some of them who modify those products charge high fees around 60-70USD per hour that goes out of budget for most of the webmasters. XenForo also has a dedicated forum for third party services where some freelancers and companies provide development services. But many scams have been happened there recently. Numerous clients complained about freelancers taking the money without product delivery or delivering the product of very low quality as discussed here. Also some incidents were reported where developers alleged companies paying other members to put fake reviews in the services of developers as mentioned in this thread . Also the rates of those freelancers are very high. So we personally think that is not a good place to find a best xenforo developer.

Where to find a best xenforo developer?

We have been through that tough phase of finding someone who can be trusted in terms of privacy and security. Forum database can be sold for high price in blackhat markets. We have to do a deep research before giving someone access to the servers, or before putting their addon code at a well established forum. Here are some ways to find a good xenforo developer.

Also what we have seen, most of the developers are incompetent and end up delivering something that is not actually needed. XenForo development is not a straight forward process.

Search on freelancing sites:

There are some good XenForo developers at freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, People per hour etc. We recommend hiring someone from these freelancing sites, since they provide complete payment security , like Upwork escrow is considered secure and provides full client satisfaction. Fiverr is also a great option to find xenforo developers, There You can find developers at low rates and deliver perfect product. We recommend xen_developer for custom development you can contact him with our reference for special discount.Also we found some good developers at, But again if you are on tight budget go for freelancers instead of companies. Companies have managers who do not know technical details and you would end up paying more money and spending more time explaining the issues.

Do a google search:

Searching the internet is an art. You can use this skill to find some good xenforo developers and companies. One benefit of using this way is the freelancer do not have to pay for extra fee to freelancing sites(around 20% at most of the sites) and might offer you a special discount. But again make sure to fully confirm the credentials of that freelancer. Does he have an established profile at freelancing sites? What terms he work on if you consider giving an advance? Also we recommend doing first project with that developer using escrow or a freelancing site and once you develop good relation start with direct payment.

Use relations:

You might have some good friends running communities, ask them about their developer and his availability. They can help you get a good deal with their developer. Because having a dedicated developer is very important. You do not know when you need to fix some unexpected issue. Most of the developers agree on a specific monthly price, or some hourly rate. Here we would recommend avoid companies, since they charge high fees.

Reaching out directly:

On linkedin,facebook etc there are many developers who have mentioned their job experience or skills. You can find some who do xenforo development. And through there you can ask them about there work and freelancing career or their previous clients. This method also works most of the time. We found our developer using this email

The purpose of this long post was to help you get a dedicated developer for your needs. We were able to find developer for our forums after a lot of scams and going way over our budget most of the times. We ended up hiring this XenForo developer.  Haseeb offers reasonable rates and perfect products. Although he has established freelancing profiles we are not associated with him in any way, you should do your own research.