Joshy James is a hip-hop spoken world contemporary dancer who is more than a passionate dancer whose inherent passion and drive for dance has taken him around the world and placed him in the hearts and minds of countless dance fans. Joshy James’ many travels and unique dance experiences have inspired him to continue to see the world and to share his experience, knowledge and true passion for dance with fellow dancers who are eager to learn what drives Joshy James to constantly grow, change and renew his dance craft for audiences—and for himself.
Modern Dance Experience

Joshy James has studied dance in London for a couple of years honing his skills in contemporary and hip-hop spoken world dance, two dance areas that have become some of the hottest styles in the last few years. His unique background in contemporary and hip-hop dance have given him a perspective on the modern dance scene that is unlike any other; combined with his true passion and drive for improving his dance, his techniques and style are definitely some of the most vibrant in the modern dance world.
Vibrant and Unforgettable Dance Style
The most unique aspect of Joshy James’ career isn’t his worldwide experience or his cultivation of a distinct style on the London dance scene—it’s his vibrant and unforgettable style that combines the very best elements from modern dance and hip-hop to create something which is truly unforgettable. Anyone who has seen Joshy James’ unique routines and choreographic style knows can immediately see that Joshy James has taken his passion for dance and elevated it to a completely new level.

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