The most unpleasant situation a person can find himself in could be when he is locked out of his own home; he left the key inside the home or the key has been broken. Well, this is an awkward situation and that’s when you need to call a locksmith to get you out of this misery.

Tel Aviv is located on the Mediterranean coast. It is the second largest city in Israel in terms of population. The above-described scenario is no different for the people of Tel Aviv and they have to face a situation in which they need the locksmith’s services. There are many locksmith services providers in the city but the one that really stands out is Yosi Locksmith.

Yosi Locksmith is the best option for people of Tel Aviv as it offers its services 24 hours a day seven days a week. You can call Yosi locks any time of the day and a professional will be there for your help. The reason for the 24-hour service is that they understand that the lock problems can occur at any time and they consider it their duty to free you of your problems.

You must call locksmith in tel aviv :

  1. If you have forgotten the key to your home, car, or office.
  2. If you have broken the key to your home, car, or office.
  3. If a thief has destroyed the lock system.
  4. If you want to repair a lock as a preventive measure.

Yosi Locksmith provides quality services for residential as well as automotive cases. They provide a solution for any problem that might occur with the lock of your car, home, or office. You can call them if you want to rekey a lock, rekeying a lock is different than replacing the lock and you need a professional for this. You can also call them to change the lock, they won’t only change the lock but also make sure that an advanced lock is used which would be difficult to break.

You can use their services if you have problems with your car lock. For example, if you want to make a duplicate key to avoid problems in the future or even if you have lost the original key. You may also contact them for ignition switch replacement.

Yosi locksmith is the most affordable service provider in Tel Aviv. You can get lock change or new lock installation for just 199 NIS. Car key extraction and ignition replacement cost 250 NIS and 350 NIS respectively. Similarly, the prices for car lockout and house lockout are also less as compared to other service providers in the city.

Of course, anyone’s priority should be to avoid the need to call a locksmith. You need to be careful as you definitely don’t want to spend time outside your home waiting for a locksmith. Make sure you have taken the key before leaving home, car, or office. Upgrade your locks after every 2 or three years. Save Yosi locksmith’s contact number in your Smartphone so you can call them in times of need.