Recently, The United States of America disposed of an armed force that specializes in bombing just to warn Iran that if they take any measures of attacking the USA, its allies or any of interests they will be dealt with the maximum intensity of counter-attack possible.

On this Sunday, the US national security advisor, John Bolton, told the media that this deployment of the bomber force was in response to all the warnings and indications of attacks that were being shown from Iran. He added by saying that the USA is not looking for any disturbances and war with Iran, but if any attempts are made from the other side then they are fully prepared and they will not hesitate.

These escalations started first when USA intelligence reported that Iran plans to target the USA and its armed forces in Iraq and co-responding Middle Eastern countries. So, in response to this, the USA military took action and they increased the number of their activities in these regions so that Tehran and Iran keep in their limits.

USA told response that it will stop any help to the countries that buy oil from Iran, by doing this the aim of the USA is to bring Iran oil Export to zero which is the main thing on which the Iranian economy relies. The USA took it further by blacklisting all of the Iranian elite Revolutionary Guard Corps. Iran replied by saying that they are utilizing all of its resources to sell their oil in a Grey Market.

Iranian deputy oil minister, Amir Hossein Zamaninia, said that Iran will not stop the sale of oil because of any amount of threats from the USA, no matter the consequences. He added further by saying that no doubt the sale of their oil will decrease but they will have to take a look at their economy and they will have to make some harsh decisions to survive this time of hardship.

This is an ongoing debate and we will see what outcomes it brings to both the countries in the near future.