Dr Jason, Chiropractic fixes woman’s extreme tail bone pin

While the average American is working 8 hours a day for $10-$12 per hour,  social media stars are raking in heavy bank for far less work. Though non-professionals ruled this genre of entertainment for some time, professionals are now getting in on the money.  A new wave emerging on YouTube is coming from the Chiropractic world as practitioners are showcasing their best moves on clients. Cracking backs and snapping necks has become a popular search trend.   One video by Chiropractitioner Dr. Jason has gotten so popular in fact the ‘back fixer’ raked in an estimated $45,000 and 25-million views, adjusting a woman’s butt.

Is this real?

Yes, indeed it is real.  It’s a video from a practitioner who was once seen as one of Cali’s average modern local chiropractors but he’s now a social media influencer.    Dr. Jason filmed his session with a young Latina woman who wore heels and a tight fitted, thigh high dress to get her back adjusted.      The video starts with the Chiropractor having a informative conversation with the young woman, who claims her back and upper tail bone are killing her.

Shortly after the convo, the California Doctor of Chiropractic, begins servicing the woman with some bone cracking moves.    He starts by finding tension in her lower back, asks her to breathe in and hold her breath. Dr Jason than pushes down on her back, in a CPR-like method, causing her to shout from surprise. He than crosses his hands and repeats the process.

Two minutes and forty-eight seconds in, things get more intense.   The Van Nuys DC puts his hands on the woman’s butocks and thumbs in an area that appear to be the ‘crack’  of her rear. This is a space known in the medical world as the ‘right sacrum Sacroiliac junction.”

Though she laughs in a pleasurable tone, its likely she felt a quick discomfort from the thrust of the Doctor’s thumbs.  After that, a release a tension and great comfort. The ‘thumb thrust’ helps release pain or discomfort in the pelvis.

For the next  2 minutes, Dr Jason continues working his patient.  He twists her into different positions on her back and side,  cracking her spinal joints in ‘big motions.’

“What does that mean when it cracks so much,” she asks after one adjustment.

The Cali Doctor of Chiropractic responds, “There was a lot of tightness and tension built up in the joints.”

The finishing moves of the video is what has gained the majority of commentary online.  At the 7-minute mark, Dr Jason puts the pulchritudinous Latina into something like a ‘full nelson’ arm lock from behind.   He then asks her to fall back on his body, at which he shoves her into the air. The comical notice of some, he thrusts his own pelvis into the client,  to give her an upward momentum, and crack her back. She lets out a slight yelp.

To date, the DC’s chiropractic video has 24,549,834 views and 121,000 likes.  According    to the YouTube calculator, the video is worth over $45,000.  Knowing the types of ads that would be displayed on such a video, the ad payouts could be significantly higher than averaged by the calculations service.  

Watch Dr Jason’s  “Extreme Tailbone Pain” video below.     This is inspiration for any professional needing a $50k boost to there annual salary.