The city of Campbellsville is the county seat of Taylor County in the state of Kentucky. It was Andrew Campbell who laid out the city when it was founded in 1817. Still, as early as 1814, he was already selling lots and was operating a tavern and gristmill in the area. In 1848, the city became the county seat of Taylor County. Various industries have and are still operating in Campbellsville, including various fields of commerce and industry such as automotive, oil and gas, lumber, textiles, health care, and education. Today, the city is home to a regional fulfillment center of Amazon.com.

Things to Do

Campbellsville offers a wide range of activities for travelers to enjoy. When traveling to this city, make sure to visit the landmarks designated as historic and listed in the National Register of Historic Places. One of these landmarks is the Merchant Tower with its Romanesque architecture. One should also try to explore the Campbellsville Historic Commercial District where plenty of shops and landmarks can be found. Don’t forget to bring a camera to take pictures of the Italianate architecture of the many structures in the downtown area. There are also plenty of buildings made of stone and bricks, buildings that are actually at least a century old. Travelers can also go canoeing or enjoy various water sports at the Green River Lake State Park.

Best Hotel Accommodations

There are plenty of campsites in Campbellsville, including one in the Green River Lake State Park. For more comfortable accommodations, travelers can stay in the hotels in the area. The best facilities such as swimming pool, whirlpool, and high speed internet service are provided at the Best Western Lodge on East Broadway. This property has 60 well-appointed guestrooms, all equipped with a kitchenette and high-speed Internet access. The property also features a swimming pool, a business center and room service, and guests wake up to daily complimentary breakfast. The Holiday Inn Express on plantation Drive, meanwhile, offers the amenities and about 65 guestrooms. It is also located near Campbellsville University, Amazon.com, and the Green River Lake State Park. If you wish to book Campbellsville Hotels you can do it with reliable company like Reservations.com.

Restaurant and Dining

Campbellsville is a mix of culinary tastes that appeal to travelers. There are national chain restaurants and fast food chains serving dishes that are loved my many diners. Still, there are also local options. Diners can take a pick from the many pizzerias, including Mr. Gatti’s Pizza, Godfather’s Pizza, and Papa John’s Pizza. There are also several Mexican diners like Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant and Fiesta Mexico. For delicious seafood, dine at Captain D’s Seafood.

Fast Facts

  • Campbellsville is a city that belongs to Taylor County, also serving as the county seat.
  • The city occupies a total of 6.1 sq mi (15.7 km2) of which only 0.1 sq mi (0.2 km2) is comprised of water bodies.
  • Andrew Campbell owned most parts of Campbellsville, selling lots to settlers. He was also the one who laid out the area that served as guide even for future developments in the area. It was in his honor that the area was named Campbellsville.
  • The first courthouse to be built in Campbellsville was on the land of the public square that the city sold for a dollar to the county. This courthouse was burned down in 1864 by Confederate cavalry. After the war, a new courthouse was built on the same spot. The third courthouse was built right next to this old second courthouse.